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plastic free packaging

Knosh Earth Food is offering wholesome, healing food that promotes gut health, 
with a focus on traditional fermented and cultured foods.


Healthy Chocolate spread, Gut-boosting Sauerkrauts and Naturally-fermented Vegetables that boost your Immune-system. 

Our preferred packaging is glass, which is not only better for the earth,
but also better at maintaining the integrity of our products.


Gluten free  •  Sugar free  •  Yum!

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Why fermented food and drink?

Fermented food is food which has been partially broken down by active enzymes 
(such as those found in yeast and bacteria), 
causing desirable changes to the organic matter. 
This process can be used for improving taste, increasing shelf life, 
or heightening the nutritional value of different foods.

One of primary uses for fermentation is its encouragement prebiotic and probiotic development, 
aiding significantly with gut health. . .read more

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